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Trae Q. L. Venerable

Trae Q. L. Venerable

My name is Trae Q. L. Venerable, I'm a polymath indivual pertaining to the realms of photogrpahy,art, books, and fashion. I'm a midwest cowpoke doing the best that I know how. With the Lord on my side I know I can do all things through him and I'm certainly trying to do that. ​ My books will be out as soon as they can be, I signed a traditonal book deal recently, Cowboy book series isn't a self pulished project anymore! ​ Cowpoke Creations pieces are available, You can buy them from the website. Reach me through my phone number or my email to talk other buying opitions or if you would like me to make something special for you. ​ Thanks for everyone who has help me get to this point in my life!

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